The Government's mid-term achievements

Two and a half years have passed since His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may victory and authority accompany him, entrusted the government with its noble mission, in accordance with the provisions of Article 47 of the Constitution.
After gaining the confidence of Parliament by approving its government program on October 13, 2021, in accordance with Article 88 of the Constitution, the government began to exercise its constitutional functions and implement its commitments expressed in its program.
At the mid-term point, the government is working to present a progress report of its action, in accordance with the provisions of Article 101 of the Constitution, aware of the importance of linking responsibility to accountability. In this regard, the government is committed to adopting an innovative approach based on transparency and citizen participation in evaluating its action report, in order to measure the extent to which it adheres to the contracted government program.

You will find attached the progress report book of government action (Arabic version).