The Head of Government chairs the 10th meeting of the Interministerial Commission responsible for the deployment of the reconstruction and development program for areas affected by the Al Haouz earthquake:

  • 56,607 families received a first installment of 20,000 dirhams for the reconstruction of completely or partially collapsed homes, achieving a completion rate of 95%;
  • 63,363 families benefited from a monthly aid of 2,500 dirhams until the end of May 2024, with a budget of about 12 billion dirhams;
  • 51,031 reconstruction permits were granted to affected families, with a completion rate of 86%;
  • 353,830 quintals of barley and 12,180 heads of livestock were distributed to farmers and breeders in the affected provinces.

The Head of Government, Mr. Aziz Akhannouch, chaired the 10th meeting of the interministerial commission responsible for the reconstruction and general rehabilitation program for the areas affected by the Al-Haouz earthquake on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, in Rabat. The meeting reviewed the progress of the program’s implementation in accordance with the High Directives of HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist him.
During the meeting, the Head of Government urged the various ministerial departments to continue mobilizing and to demonstrate the necessary speed and rigor, in accordance with the Royal High Directives, to meet the aspirations of the local affected population. He also emphasized the importance of adhering to architectural and urban planning standards and using quality construction materials that meet safety requirements, while ensuring the rapid upgrading of essential services for the population, particularly schools and health facilities.
The commission noted that by the end of May 2024, 56,607 families received a first installment of 20,000 dirhams as aid for the reconstruction of completely or partially collapsed homes, with a budget of 11 billion dirhams and a completion rate of 95%. It was also established that 6,927 families received the second installment of reconstruction aid, amounting to 122 million dirhams, and 872 families benefited from the third installment, amounting to 11 million dirhams. Additionally, 63,363 families benefited from the monthly aid of 2,500 dirhams until the end of May 2024, with a budget of about 12 billion dirhams.
As part of the rigorous support provided by local authorities and concerned commissions to the affected population, 51,031 reconstruction permits were granted to affected families out of a total of 53,084 applications submitted, achieving a completion rate of 86%. This meeting highlighted the clearing operations on the ground, which involved a total of 43,084 homes, with contributions from the Ministry of the Interior through the agents of National Promotion and the services of the Ministry of Equipment and Water. Clearing operations are also underway at 248 school establishments to allow the start of reconstruction work.


The commission also noted the progress of upgrading work on National Route 7 in the Tizi N’Tast – Tafingoult section over 8 km. It also acknowledged the awarding of contracts for the implementation of projects on several other road axes to start the work. This includes the road connecting "Ouirgane" to "Talat N’Yacoub" in the province of Al-Haouz, which will be built in two sections over a length of 34 km for respective costs of 176 and 195 million dirhams, in addition to the road section connecting "Tizi N’Tast" to "Tafingoult" in the province of Taroudant over a length of 22 km and for a cost of 178 million dirhams.
In the agricultural sector, the distribution of 353,830 quintals of barley benefited 48,581 farmers in the affected areas by the end of May. The operation of free distribution of livestock to affected breeders, launched last January, continues. A total of 12,180 heads of livestock have been distributed, with a goal of distributing a total of 70,000 heads. Additionally, 126 kilometers of small and medium hydraulic channels have been developed, achieving a completion rate of 75%, and the operation to upgrade rural roads over a length of 54 kilometers has a progress rate of 88%.
In the health sector, the commission reviewed the progress of upgrading works at 42 priority health centers launched last January. The work at these facilities will be completed by the end of July. The commission also examined the handling of 225 rehabilitation requests for hotel structures damaged by the earthquake, with a total budget of 128 million dirhams. Among these structures, 115 have already received the first installment, amounting to 44 million dirhams.
Finally, the commission approved the start of restoration work on several damaged historical walls.