The government issues a book summarizing its outcome for the year 2022

The government issued a book summarizing the outcome of its work during the year 2022, an initiative that aims to establish a governmental custom that translates the values of transparency, participation, communication with public opinion, and interaction with its various issues and concerns.

This book presents the most prominent achievements during the first year of government work in order to achieve a qualitative leap in the path of national development, consolidate the features of the Kingdom's societal project and continue to consolidate the gains achieved thanks to the visionary vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, despite the general context characterized by many challenges and constraints that affected all countries of the world.

This book contains answers to citizens' questions, as it includes government interventions and measures carried by various public policies to reduce the effects of successive crises on the one hand, and to implement the government's commitments, in dedication to the foundations of the social state.

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